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A Community Forum: Using Current Events to Teach Seminal Topics in GChem and OChem
Friday March 31, 2023, at 1100 Pacific = 1200 Mountain = 100pm Central = 200pm Eastern


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Scott Donnelly

Arizona Western College


Abstract: Current events provide an enviable opportunity to overtly show students the relevancy, connectivity, and application of chemistry topics taught in both GChem and OChem. Showcase your creativity and teaching talent by sharing with other chemistry educators how you have used current events - broadly defined - in your chemistry classes. This is an open forum, open discussion virtual event so its success depends on your contributions, ideas, and willingness to share and engage.

2023 In-Person Conferences

Our traditional events are small, regional affairs (~100 people) with low registration costs (~$50 not including membership for $25).  Come join us for these two-day events where you can meet other community college chemistry instructors in person!  These events are tentatively planned, with the current health crisis in mind.  If you would like to host a conference (and we would LOVE for you to) please email Scott Donnelly at donnelly@2yc3.org


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