Archived 2023 Events and Information


The Biology Everywhere Teaching Philosophy and Science Communication
Friday January 27, 2023, at 1100 Pacific = 1200 Mountain = 100pm Central = 200pm Eastern



Melanie E. Peffer, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor & Research Scientists Level II


Abstract: Dr. Melanie Peffer is the author of the best-selling and award-winning book, Biology Everywhere: How the science of life matters to everyday life. Biology Everywhere is a journey through the science of life as told through our daily experiences. She was the 2021 High Plains Library District Foundation's writer in residence, and spent her residency writing her first children's book, On the River. Dr. Peffer is an avid science communicator, TEDX speaker, and has developed biology content for TED-ED and authored two Coursera specializations.

Infusion of Think-Pair-Share, Jigsaw, and Problem-Based Learning into General and Organic Chemistry

Friday February 3, 2023, at 1100 Pacific = 1200 Mountain = 100pm Central = 200pm Eastern


Presenter: Scott Donnelly, Arizona Western College

Abstract: About seven years ago - two decades into my teaching career - I made a tectonic shift (for me at least) in how I teach General and Organic Chemistry. Over the timeframe of a few semesters, I moved gradually away from straight lecture towards use of high engagement (more commonly called active learning) classroom methods, the most common being a mutation of Think-Pair-Share (TPS). Now, I'm moving towards the use of a heterogeneous mixture of collaborative learning methods involving TPS, Jigsaw and Problem-Based Learning (PBL). But finding open access, ready-to-use classroom activities based on this motley mixture of teaching pedagogies has proven problematic. In this presentation I'll describe a few activities I created for both GChem 1 and OChem 1/2 that infuse TPS, Jigsaw, and PBL.


Make Chemistry an OER

Friday March 3, 2023, at 1100 Pacific = 1200 Mountain = 100pm Central = 200pm Eastern


Gino Romeo, PhD, Yavapai College

Sandra Raysor, Director of ChemCollective, Carnegie Mellon University


Abstract: To date, there are few OER’s for chemistry, although Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has adopted and adapted the OpenStax General Chemistry OER text. CMU has enhanced and added numerous interactive problems, quizzes, and a grade book to the static OpenStax text. Currently, there's a similar effort underway at Yavapai College to enhance a popular OER chemistry text (by the Saylor Foundation) for fundamentals/GOB chemistry.  The static problems in the Saylor text have been converted to interactive ones by using CMU’s authoring tools.  This presentation will show the General Chemistry courses Carnegie Mellon has available online, and the progress of the fundamentals/GOB OER effort at Yavapai College.